21st Century Study Success beyond Ordinary Tuition

About Us

TUTORight™, a 21st century course designed by top brain-based Specialist Jocelyn Khoo, also the founder of the reputable Shichida Method™ Singapore is going to keep your child grounded towards greater success in his or her academic studies.

TUTORight™ provides regular brain stimulation training to our students as well as guided support to parents on the methods of parenting.

Here at TUTORight™, we strive to create a natural drive and passion for lifelong learning and character development while educating a community civic-mindedness towards our society.

Our Belief

“Excellence is not built on the knowledge mastery of 1 textbook a year. Examination is not paper-wise, but ability oriented. Thus, cultivating effective study techniques are important, such as learning and memory techniques which in totality affect the quality of studies and also the decision of one’s career.

Good students with us will be selected for leadership development and engaged as a student mentor to improve the lives of others and also realize in themselves the meaning of a beautiful life.”

by Jocelyn Khoo, our Programme Director

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