We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” line of educational activities, thus there are no rigid classroom lectures but a facilitated learning space for individual students in small settings under right learning environments.

Making sure every student gets the right attention, guidance, and motivation they need for informed and improved, sustainable achievements in and out of school.

Our study course strengthens student's abilities to remove worries and accelerate learning progress towards desired schooling achievements.

The schooler's brain is discovered to learn through different types of input. The mastery of learning depends upon the ability to memorise well with the right understanding of our brain performance.

With TUTORight™ special syllabus and training in brain acceleration, every child will do better with us than in ordinary tuition lessons.

The best help is having A GOOD AND TRUSTABLE ADVISOR.

At TUTORight™,

  • we have Brainatics in strengthens learning posture.

  • we develop the vision of learning right - learning is not only confined to knowledge mastery.

  • students demonstrate their growing maturity and fill up the gap of life beyond a textbook.

Course Content

The course will focus on the following:

  • Jocelyn’s BrainaticsTM Physio Exercises

  • Skillfulness in both Mathematics and Science

  • Individual Analysis on Mental Concentration

  • Daily Follow up on Subject Mastery

Level: Primary 1 to Secondary 5, and Pre-Primary level for six-year-old (enrollment from July onwards)

Small group size: Up to 8 students in every class. Currently, limit at 3 students as part of covid measures.

Our Lesson

We will conduct a complimentary strength analysis for your child before enrolling on our programme. From the results of the analysis, we will customise the lessons according to your child's strengths and weaknesses.

In general, the lesson consists of two sections - Mind-Brain Stimulation and Subjects Enhancement.

For Mind-Brain Stimulation, daily activities involving memory and visualisation exercises are provided online for our students to practise regularly.

For Subjects Enhancement, we focus on Mathematics and Science subjects and will follow the MOE syllabus according to the school's progress making sure that our coaching is on par with what the school has covered. On top of that, learning techniques will be taught to teach our students how to learn more efficiently. Our students are also exposed to additional content to widen their horizons as well as strengthen their subject mastery (going beyond the MOE syllabus).

Strength Analysis

We analyse your child's strength and weakness based on the 12 aspects.

Mind-Brain Stimulation Exercises

Students are given a schedule of visualisation and memory activities during our weekly lesson for them to practice daily online at home at their own comfort.

Sign up for our complimentary Strength Analysis session today.

Course Pricing

12 Lessons @ $840

  • Registration fee of $50 applies for all new students

  • Deposit of $100 payable upon registration

  • 3 months validity

Referral Scheme

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