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About Us

TUTORight™, a 21st-century course designed by top brain-based Specialist Mrs Jocelyn Khoo, is going to keep your child grounded towards greater success in his academic studies.

To achieve a deeper understanding of brain excellence that no tutors are equipped with, TUTORight™ has its proprietary techniques to strengthen the heart to learn with ease and determination. For those aiming for the right career or university course, this course will help your child understand his strengths to be a happier person and a life-long learner.

The Founder of TUTORight

Jocelyn Khoo with Dr. Howard Gardner, prominent education psychologist from Harvard University who founded the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Jocelyn Khoo met Howard Gardner, professor of cognition and education at Harvard Graduate School of Education, in the early nineties at Harvard University. He disclosed that his eight and a half multiple intelligence theory was not meant to become the foundation of early childhood education as Jocelyn was an early childhood educator, who developed a unique brain-based preschool with two USA education scientists as her advisors then.

Prof Gardner encouraged Jocelyn to pay attention to his next level of teaching which he hoped can make a difference in the schooling foundation. He further presented his book, Five Minds for the Future to Jocelyn which had led her to develop TUTORight™ with the application of his education focus, priming learning that students should cultivate in the most important phase of schooling life.

According to Howard Gardner, there is a distinction between the subject matter (facts) and the discipline (the thinking behind a subject). For example, science as a discipline involves thought processes such as investigation, analysis, questioning and the generation and testing of hypotheses as well as attitudes such as curiosity, as well as scientific facts. Schools tend to focus too much on factual content at the expense of the processes and attitudes: “we acknowledge the importance of science and technology but do not teach scientific ways of thinking.

We aim to provide students with a taste of what it is to think like and feel like a scientist, a historian, an engineer or a lawyer (etc.) by studying a limited number of key topics in depth – substantial chunks of deep learning rather than vast swathes of shallow, fact-filled learning – developing knowledge in key areas while developing the skills and attitudes that are part of the discipline.

Facts, regardless of whether they are historical, scientific, mathematical or literary facts, all require the same thinking skill (usually memorization and recall) so more and more facts develop knowledge but keep thinking at the same level.

In TUTORight™, we want our students to learn how to discipline their mind and master one or more ways of thinking used in a craft, discipline, or profession. “Be prepared to be an expert in something,” said Gardner, and to sustain that learning for life.

Our Belief

Excellence is not built on the knowledge mastery of one textbook a year. Examination is not paper-wise, but ability oriented. Thus, cultivating effective study techniques are important, such as learning and memory techniques which in totality affect the quality of studies and also the decision of one’s career.

Schooling is not about subject perfection but a main road to uncover higher human potential year after year. If a child ever fails, may he not become depressed and give up life. If a child can control his quality of learning, may he cherish life with confidence.

- Mrs Jocelyn Khoo, Founder

Our System - A New Age Training System


Brainatics is a body -brain integration prog developed by USA Education scientists and approved for use to Mrs Jocelyn Khoo with this name in year 1997.


A good foundation in thinking skills is very important. Here, we train Higher Thinking Skills, not textbook knowledge and content alone. If a child has weak thinking skills, he will struggle in learning. With our method of teaching, the students will strengthen their confidence to think out of the box. We elevate the ability of all students through our proprietary materials and ensure that every student shows improvement in memory and learning responses.


The mastery of a Science subject is to earn a place as a master in any specialised profession. Some important skills are analytical skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills etc. Many students have a shallow impression of how to learn and wrongly assumed their weakness as a failure of understanding a new topic, thus resulting in high tuition investments.

When students aim for an interested profession or more, they will be guided to learn with higher interest and intellectual commitment. This is the result of our course, that is, to develop an interest in Higher Science not only in Physics, Chemistry and Biology but also in Photovoltaic, Nanotechnology etc, the future of trendy sciences.

Paternal Input:

"Last night, my daughter came home with a perfect score for her design and technology assignment. She was the only one who can visualize the view of a structure from a certain angle and got the measurements right. This is not the first time I see her strength. She came home with two medals recently for her swimming competition too. She is calm and non-judgemental in approaching new skills, new challenges and new ideas. Often she would share with me how she sees herself doing better." - Mrs Jocelyn Khoo

Comments from our founder, tutor and student:

"The Foundation of Learning is not a good tutor but a good Tutorial System." - Mrs Jocelyn Khoo, Founder

"TUTORight™ has provided a great platform for children to learn and embark on a fun and exciting journey. As not only do they learn their subjects, but they also do get great exposure that helps widen their knowledge through the activities and coursework we provide during our programme.

No doubt it can be challenging to identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, however, targeted and focus learning helps one to further flourish and expand their thinking capabilities beyond their expectations.

As tutors here, we strive to encourage and provide the support required for the child to grow with a positive mindset as well as standing in line as a guidance in their coursework brings outmost joy and satisfaction as a whole." - Renuka, Tutor

"I learnt how to fold many animals during origami. I learnt float and sink during experiment session. It was fun to listen to teacher during math lesson. I learnt about the details about the moon." - Scott, Primary 2 student

The Results

The students

1. aim to be a lifelong learner with minimal dependence on result-oriented tuition.

2. have the ability to formulate their career choices ahead of university admission.

3. possess the confidence to do well in all subjects.

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